The ABC’s of Choice: The Basics

Nov 08, 2022

Have you ever given yourself total freedom of choice? 

What does it feel like when you don’t have any choice at all?  

Choice is the very essence of life. To be alive is to be in motion, relating to the world as it comes.  When we become frozen or stagnant our life loses its responsiveness, energy and abundance. There is little that feels good about feeling stuck. 

We tend to pity those who have their choices taken away.  But some of us feel burdened by our choices.  Why is this? 

We are taught very early to question our choices.  We are given much instruction on what choices are right and which are wrong. We are encouraged towards certain choices and punished for others.  We have much conditioning to unlearn about choice.  In this culture we are expected to be perfect at all times, and then we expect it of ourselves.  Thus, choice becomes scary and hazardous and risky, putting many of us in mental or emotional chains around the utter act and perceived consequences of making a choice. 

Our most vibrant, effective and unique selves will be expressed only when we allow ourselves to make choices that feel (insert the feelings that you want to amplify in your life: appropriate, fun, joyful, alive, free, abundant, wild, savvy, brave, loyal, or lovely). Of course, this requires a little reflection on how you truly want your life to feel, and the values you wish to guide your decisions. 

We cannot know whether or not the choices we make are objectively right or wrong, but if we make choices that bring us joy, we will most likely find more joy. If we make choices that are brave, we will most likely find more opportunities to be brave.  And we learn. And new choices bring new actions which bring new learning which cause us to have more choices.  We can change our minds and make new choices. This is the essence of being alive and responsive.  

If we feel burdened by choice, we may shy away from this cycle.  You may say ugh!  That is what I hate about life…. but the consequences of not choosing can also be unpalatable.  People who are not actively choosing can tend to feel stuck, angry, stressed or feel that life isn’t fair.  Unfortunately, not choosing is also a choice: 

“Nobody has freedom from choice!” ~Lawrence Shaw

So, let's get to flexing that choice muscle!! Let’s make it a really great experience! It can be like dancing with life! How fortunate we are to have the choices that we have!

Netflix or Hulu? Silk or denim? Peaches or blueberries? Laundry or a bike ride? Vacation or kitchen island?

What do you truly want?

We want to play with you as you REALLY are! 

What will you think of next?  We can't wait to find out.  

We are excited to see what you will create from a bazillion authentic choices!

Aren’t you?


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